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I don’t Know, but I Know

We gathered on a Saturday at my BFFs pool. It went from 4 of us to a couple of dozen!
I had some beers, not a lot really, but I fell asleep on a deck chair.
I woke up in someone’s room. I was still in my swimsuit, but my shirt was gone. I had wet myself, and felt basically nasty. I had to go to the bathroom, and then washed my suit and myself. I found my shirt on the downstairs banister railing, and got some food. No one said anything as I rejoined, so I just felt I got away with it.

It was when they posted to social, that I felt funnier about it. Among all the pics, they had a couple of my BFFs brother, in a Viking helmet, picking me up in his arms. He carried me off, throwing me over his shoulder to get through the door. It was the image of that Viking Pillaging like the movies that got to me. I guess I did a bit of crying in my room as images came to my mind. Was I being paranoid? Is it likely he pulled off my top shirt on the stairs, and stopped by the time we got to a bedroom? No one posted any more explicit pics, but no one said he just dropped me there either! No one said anything about it!

IF something happened, groping, peeking, even full rape, or grouping, I would rather be told, rather than in the dark about it! It’s scary, very scary!

— Cornealea, age 23


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