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I Was 19

I met him on the job and he asked me out. After two dates he was pressing me for sex. I didn’t enjoy it at all. He was rough with me. I didn’t understand at the time what I was suppose to feel like during sex since I didn’t have much experience. I had only one other partner before him. One night I didn’t care what I was suppose to feel like. I just knew I didn’t like this and I didn’t like him. I told him to stop and I motioned to move him off of him. He dropped all of his weight down on me and held me down. I fought and pushed at him but I can’t get him off of me. After a while I froze and just laid there. I told him to just stop. He told me that he wasn’t finished yet. When he was done, I got up and put my clothes on and told him to take me home. He hesitated at first but took me home. I got up stairs to my apartment and saw my mom on the couch. I told her I was going to take a shower. She said but you already took one before you left. I never washed my skin so hard before that. It took be two years to get it in my head that it happened. He raped me.


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