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I Was Only 14

I was having fun at a friend’s sweet 16 party. It was held in a little “club” that was very popular. It was very hot inside and I had never danced that much in my life.
I went outside to get a breathe of fresh air.
A strange man was outside and started talking to me. He said it was too bad the streets didn’t have better lighting.
I tried to turn around to go back inside and I felt him grab me – 1 hand on my mouth, the other arm around my waist. He pushed me into a large black car that was parked right in front.
I don’t want to go into details, but he raped me at knife point, and then threatened to kill me if I told anybody.
The thing that sticks out most of all is how he kept saying that I loved what he was doing, that i knew it felt good. He kept calling me a dirty slut and a whore.
When he was done, all he said was thanks, and then pushed me out of the car.
That was about 9 years ago. I never said anything, but I recently hired a PI to look into this and apparently there were a few similar rapes in the same location.
I was only 14. Now I’m 23 and my family and friends finally know my story.

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