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In-Between Times

When I was 13 I was out with two girls who were 15 at the time. We were walking to catch a bus when a car pulled over with two young men in their late 20’s inside of it. They started to talk to me and one of my friends. I felt special that I was getting the attention. Normally my friend did. He took my number and my friends. We also took his. Later on my friend suggested we call him up, we got through to him. She made me talk and I didn’t feel comfortable with it at all. He wanted to me us and I gave him the address of where we were. He drove down to the party we were at and tried to get us to come with him into his car. We said we’d be back in 10. I was waiting outside for my friend who had gone into the building where the party was held and her cousin came out whilst i was doing so, to the street where i was standing. First we were just walking and talking but once we hit the corner of the road he started to sexually harass me trying to put his hand up my dress I panicked and when trying to escape it. I bumped into the soon to be rapist who had now gotten out the car. He put his arm round me and talked me into getting in the car with him to “talk”. In some ways I was comforted by this. At the same time, I had frozen up and went with it. I remember sitting there and him putting his baseball hat on my head with his arm round me. I remember shaking and not talking. I felt pressure at the time to do this to prove myself from somewhere in my head though I knew deep down I was terrified and wanted to go home. My friend came back and she asked me if iI wanted to go with them. Naively I believed the man who told me we were only going 10 minutes down the road to get away from the noise of the party. We drove for 1 hour when my friend asked where we were going the driver just turned his music up even loader. We arrived at a estate in the middle of nowhere and my friend turned round to me and said we were going to get raped. The driver lead us to the door the other man was behind me holding onto my hips. When we entered the flat it was all new nothing unpacked. Me and my friend sat down on a sofa that was there in the front room. The man came in soon after and told me to “Come here then”. And I did. I followed him into the kitchen and he started to kiss me and touch me. I had frozen up. I didn’t know what was happening, he told me to come in the bathroom and he put me against the toilet and tried to rape me from behind. He couldn’t so he made a cushion with his jeans and I was on the floor. I don’t remember getting to the floor but the next thing I remember was telling him it hurt and he kept saying he’d stop. But he didn’t. I laid there until it was over.


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