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In Five Years

I am 60 years old. When I was 16, I was forcibly raped by my date. I pleaded for him to stop which he did eventually do but not before he penetrated me. A few years later I had too much to drink so went to a friends dorm room to sleep it off. My friend was studying and had not been drinking or partying to my knowledge. I was pretty snockered but I was able to walk from frat circle to his dorm and was attempting to take care of myself by not driving my car. I woke up with him pounding himself inside me. He pleaded with me to forgive him and tried to blame his actions on issues with his brother. He was pathetic while I enraged. I went to a party with the star of the football team from the same college. I did not consider it a date, just two friends going out as friends. He had recently broken up with my sorority sister and I ran into him in town and new about a party that evening. I had too much to drink and told him I was going to the car to sleep and once again I woke up with a man thrusting his organ into me. He backed off when I pounded the crap out of his shoulders and face. These were all young men of privilege who went to private colleges and who for some reason felt entitled to use my body for their pleasure. I doubt they would violently rape someone yet I can not fathom how they felt justified to enter me without permission. On one level they knew they were wrong and on another they did not care. I will never forget their names.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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