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My name is Sabrina Giglio. My family are descendants from Sicily, Palermo, Italy. When I was 13, I am now 45, I was raped by my cousin, my mothers sisters son. When it happened all in a three month period, I was taken in back of alleys, beaten, anal violated, oral sex in houses of people who condoned it. When I told my mother she told me to stay quiet. When I told my father he just said it took two to tango. I never ever have dealt with the pain. I always want and want and want to see him suffer, I hate him he is married with children and even my other cousins in Italy stayed quiet. To this day, it has ruined my life. I did drugs I became a relationship nightmare, now with 4 children and I lost my career, I lost all hope. No one cares for me, I am alone. I think after I got raped the way I dealt with it was being overly sexually active, doing drugs, for a few years I got better, I have two degrees in education but I had to resign. That is another story. I have been homeless I live with a angry man I remember reaching out to him and he said nothing. he said all woman say that. I lost everything. I am writing you because watching your documentary on Netflix it made me cry it made me want to fight. It made me want to know you such a powerful woman. I feel like an insect compared to you. a no one a piece of crap who was raped and no one cared. My cousin still lives in Palermo and I see him on facebook and I want to vomit. I have lost all hope. I just want to die because inside I already did.

— Sabrina, age 45


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