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Innocence Taken

As a 17 year old girl who was drugged, raped and impregnated by my own boyfriend, I would like to speak out and stand tall. My life was taken from me and I was forced to endure a full-term pregnancy only to be abandoned by my own parents and sent off into the dark winter night to an institution where I was subjected to malnutrition, humiliation, dehumanizing treatment and then tortured in L&D by professionals who were mandated to provide care and protection.

My firstborn child was then trafficked into the ‘infant-adoption’ industry and subjected to being less than worthy as a ‘bastard’ taken in by infertile strangers.

I wish rapists could be held accountable for the carnage they have inflicted upon Womankind. I would like to reclaim my innocence but that can only be done by speaking the name of my rapist and having him charged.

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