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it was 1 am

it was my first bonfire party and i was so excited. i live overseas during the school year so summer is when i get to reconnect with friends. i drank, a bit, not enough to do any damage and i found myself talking to the boy that everyone was whispering about. from our conversation, i learned that he was also visiting and that he had lived here before. it was such a nice coincidence to find out he lived next door to me as a child. he was handsome and charming, he didn’t need booze to face the social obstacles of a party.
i planned to sleep at my friend’s house that night since my parents did not know where i was. he was supposed to stay at his friend’s but whoever it was bailed on him and he was homeless for the night. luckily for him, my friend offered him the couch at hers.
it was 1 am when i crawled into the guest bed that night. i assume he came in not long after. i remember fighting him but he was over six feet, which was no match for me.
it was 4 am when he left my limp body on the guest bed’s blood stained sheets.
it was 10 am when i woke up, feeling like my insides had been ripped apart.
it was 12 pm, when i showered, washed the sheets on the cold cycle, and had made it to my friend’s side when she woke up with a hangover.
it was 6 pm when i got home to my own bed and cried myself to sleep.

— survivor, age 17


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