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It was my boyfriend

I never took it too seriously because it was my, at the time, boyfriend. And for a while, I thought if you choose to be with a person, it cannot be called rape.
I was 18, we went to Greece for a week. The day before the last, my ex called me, I didn’t respond, but my boyfriend saw it. The last day, while we were packing, he got frustrated, and what was supposed to be playful became violent. I screamed multiple times to stop but he wouldn’t and when it was over, he said something like “nice, well that’s done” and ignored my cries and continued packing.
He had also already hit me once before, by hitting my face on the corner of a chair, I had a black eye and had to attend a family event. People could see but no one really asked.
I tried telling my family, but I didn’t think it was abuse, because the things I hear from others are so much worse and again, he was my boyfriend… I’m just realizing I never really told my family what had happened. I know I explained a bit to my brother but he and my boyfriend ended up as friends after and it made me think the situation was not that big of a deal. But it was, because until today, I still think about it.

— Survivor, age 26

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