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Just A Party

He was a guy I liked. Had a crush on him. He was my manger from my work. I only knew him for like 3 months. He would flirt with me and say some sweet things. He would look at me like I was the only one in the room. Anyway he invited me to a party. He said I needed to have some fun. Said I was too uptight. So I went. My first mistake. I didn’t dress to revealing. I just wore something casual but cute. He was the one who picked me up because I didn’t have a car. He told me I looked beautiful. We was at the party. There was drinking and smoking. I only had one drink. I was being curious. I was in a new environment with someone I didn’t know well. We danced and it was very close but there was a lot of people there so I didn’t mind him being close. He whispered in my ear if I want to go somewhere less crowded. I said yes. Second mistake. We went in some room and started talking. But he got close and I started sweating. He kissed and I swear I felt butterflies. I kissed back. He started pushing me on my back. I didn’t stop it. He started touching me and kissing my neck. I told him I was uncomfortable. Told him that we should go back down. He told me to relax. That I shouldn’t be uptight. And he started kissing me once more. Feeling on my leg. I said I don’t want to be in the room anymore. Told him we’re missing the party. He didn’t say anything. He took his shirt off. I started begging him to leave. Told him that I do t want to have sex. But he didn’t listen. And he raped me. I started crying. All I felt was pain and disappointment. When he was finished he told me not to say anything. I stayed in the room when he left and called Uber to go home.

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