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keep it a secret

I’m a 21 years old who never grew up with a father. My mom would often go on dates when I was younger.There was this one man who was really kind, every weekend he would bring the family gifts.My mom loved him so much i think she thought he was the one! One night as he was leaving our apartment i heard him tell my mother that he was going to tell us goodnight so he passed by the bedroom,he went first to my little sister then he went to me( i was pretending to sleep) I was expecting a kiss on the cheek or something normal…but instead i felt his hands down my panties.This continued for a long time.Once he stayed home to babysit i was also very young around 9 years old, he told me to perform sexual acts on him.That’s not all that happened.
I’m choosing to forgive that man but I’m still greatly affected by it. I cannot be around a man alone and feel safe. I currently don’t trust men! I have a 12 year old sister and I’m watching her as a hawk.
But my healing is a process, I’m using that experience to help me, help someone else.


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