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Life Changed

I was nineteen years old when I was sexually assaulted and I knew the person. This happened when I was at work for a client and I knew this person for about a year and a half. At one point he asked if I was uncomfortable and I said yes a few seconds later he stopped. He asked me if I would report it to the police because he didn’t want to be charged with rape. I first told my step-dad who then reported it to the police. At first the detective didn’t believe me and thought it was my fault. Well the case was never prosecuted because of lack of evidence. I had to quit my job and I started working at a pet store. That is where I started to build my trust in people again. I am just so blessed that I have my family and friends that have supported me through this process. The one thing that helps is when I write in my journal because I can share my feelings.

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