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Life of Trauma

When I was 5 I was adopted with my brother and sister. That’s when the abuse started. There are a lot of memories that I have blacked out but I can’t get rid of everything.

The abuse started with me since I was the oldest. At that time I just tried to protect my brother and sister.that caused more. Originally I was only slapped but it slowly graduated to the point where my adopted mom tried and treated to kill me. I remember many nights when she came home I wished that I could be perfect or dead because I knew she would choke and beat me.

At 12 I tried running away but it was useless because she lied and the cops didn’t believe me. The following year I was 13 and playing a game of chess with my bother when she she came into the room. We happens to be talking about running away. She heard just enough to make that the worse night of my life.

I remember her having a knife and treating to my brother when I stepped in front to stop her. That just gave her another idea. She would force us to have sex. When I refused she stabbed me in the knee and started to rip my clothes off. I couldn’t fight her I was to scared and in to much pain. My brother immediately took off his clothes and obeyed so that he wouldn’t go through the same thing.

The whole time she was yelling and laughing. We were crying and miserable. I thought it would never end. When she finally left we put on our clothes and I tried to bandage my knee.

A few days later we ran away. Within a year we were adopted into good families. I am still haunted by the memories and I have nightmares nearly every night. I am getting better though through counseling.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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