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Lost My Virginity In Rape By Jehovah’s Witness Boss

I was barely 17. Living on my own and fairly naive. Had a job at chicfila in Clayton Georgia USA. He was 36. Ex con. Jehovah’s witness and my boss. He raped me repeatedly over the course of two years. Forced anal when I said no. Choked me unconscious and took what he wanted when I couldn’t defend myself. If I tried to defend myself it only made it worse. I’m 5’4″ 120lbs. He was 3x my strength. He told me he could and would kill me. Forced me to cheat on my boyfriend when I said I didn’t want to. I was afraid to tell anyone because he was so loved I knew I would lose my job and not be able to get another one as it was a small town and he knew many people. His name was Erick.
I finally moved states and now live in a secure military base with my fiance. My rapist threatened to follow me and find me. I blocked him on everything but he makes fake accounts and follows me on them. It’s been a year and he contacted me just a few days ago on another fake profile.
He has never been brought to justice. And I have never told anyone but my fiance. I have no proof.. Idk if anyone will believe me. But i know I’m not the only girl he did it to. And I know I was not nor will be the first or the last girl he rapes at that job.
I wish it had never happened
I feel so dirty. I lost my virginity to a 36 year old married man in rape….

— Amanda, age 20


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