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Me & My Girlfriend

I am opening up about my assault and my girlfriend was raped. We have been together for 3 years, and she is not just my everything, she is my soul saver.

I was assaulted last year, and she was raped three times. Well, what happened to me was the summertime, and I was over at my sister’s house basically the whole summer because we wanted to have fun…and we did until I got assaulted. I didn’t want it to happen.

My sister lived down the hill, and her friend lived up the fill. So, all of the teenagers were up there at that house, and the kids were at my sister’s house.

I was in this dark room, and this boy I had known since the 3rd grade was with me. It was just me and him, so we started flirting and playing until he held me down. He tried to me me. He was trying to pull down my pants, but I kept moving. I wouldn’t let him. I even said, “no,” but it’s like he wanted me to be irritated. I was.

He did a lot of things to me, and I let it happen. So, yeah, that’s why I cut and try to get rid of the pain. I even started drinking, smoking, and doing more stuff. But, I was still trying to get rid of the pain.

I didn’t work, so I started doing more stuff. I really messed myself up. But, my girlfriend, I think had it worse than me because she was raped 3 times. She told me at the end of this last year because I had told her some of the things that happened to me. She got upset and told me she was raped again. So, I started crying and hurting myself again.

But, now I’m going to get justice for us both. She stopped cutting because of me, and I used to keep her out of trouble. I still do. I’ve got to help her control herself, and I have helped her calm down a lot. I just wanted to share my feelings.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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