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Molested at 3

I am 55 years old, I was molested at age 3, I can still remember that day as if it happened today. I grew up very shy, and scared of men even to the point I hated men Doctor’s…..
The boy was 16, and a Family friend. He was left to babysit and put me in my bed and used a wash rag on me telling me how bad I was, I wont go into detail about this, He abused my brother’s also.

When my Daddy got home I ran to him, and told, I watched my Daddy chase him from our house, I did not see him again till I was 13, I was shocked, and scared.
The first thing he said to me was (I used to change your diapers, an nothing happened.) I saw him again at 16 just before I got married, he said the same thing, I told him that he KNEW, and I KNEW, an God KNOWS, and I’m not a baby any more…

At 16 I got married, 2 baby’s later , 4 years later we were divorced… I ended up on the street, my mom had my children, I saw him again at 19, this time I took him to bed, after words I looked at him and said if you ever touch a child again I’ll kill you!!!

I found I lost my fear, that same year I was raped , I woke in the hospital, they said I died, he got me so drunk on alcohol that Doctor’s said it would kill 10 men! there’s more to this story, but no one has ever let me tell it, my mom tried to tell me I made it up, as for the rape she told me I must have liked it, because I didn’t turn him in. I couldnt I did not know his name and barley remembered his face…..

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