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Molested By a Stranger

When I was younger about 6 my mother and father were heavily addicted to drugs, I remember one night or it could have been during the day. My memories are a little fuzzy. My mom had dropped us off at a mans house. He was African American. My younger sister was also with me. I remember my mother telling me “If he touches you, you better tell me.”

To this day I have never told her. I’m too embarrassed and scared to do so. We were watching “Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.” I turned around and saw my little sister, who was way younger than me, under the covers on the couch with this stranger. I did not know what to think, so I just kept watching the movie. I want to say she was under there a while, but I’m not quite sure. Than she got off the couch into the floor, and proceeded to watch the movie. That’s when he said,”Isabel come up here.. onto the couch with me”. I felt a little weird doing so, but I did anyways.

He unzipped my pants, and stuck his fingers inside me for a while. When I thought he was done, I left to sit on the floor. He followed me and asked if he could see my underwear. I said no, but he did anyways.

Afterwards he started to dry hump me from the back as I was lying down on the floor watching the movie. Whatever he did to us was finally over, I did not know what to think or feel. All I wanted to do was go home.

My sister and I survived this sexual abuse, but those memories still live with me to this day. I have asked my younger sister if she remembers and she does…but I have never asked her to tell me what he did to her. I’m scared to know.


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