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Molested by my cousin

I was 6 years old girl at the time and I remember everything clearly. the only person that new for a long time was my older sister who was “touched” by him too once. however what made want to talk about it is the fact that I have told my mom recently and she almost cried.
Now just you know I wasn’t the only one but I was the one he molested more than once since I was gullible and he was 14teen. he would tell me that he would me play with his video games if I let him do those stuff to me which consisted of him touching my private parts, laying me on the bed, kissing me, making me touch him and so on but thank god no rape. he would kiss me places and I would be okay with it cause he is letting me play with his games even though I am a girl. Something even worse and that I didn’t tell anyone was that one time in my daycare an old man was around and he put his hand in my pants.

I today as an 18-year-old girl cant enjoy sometimes being in love. I recently realized that I really would have no regret if I don’t get married or have a family of my own. I don’t know if this might be a side effect but I hope it will pass as my friends say.

I would go in more details but I would rather not resurface those memories.
I thank everyone who listens to my story and I hope no one judges how stupid i was at the time.


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