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My 19 year old cousin

When I was 6 years old, I would always go over to my aunts. She would love to have me and other cousins over. This one time , I went to stay with her , but it was just me. My aunt has a pool, and I remember I wanted to get in to swim. Since I was little and didn’t know how to swim, my 19 year cousin got in with me. I remember crying as I almost drowned , so my cousin carried me and he started touching my private part. He told me he was tickiling me , and asked me if he wanted me to keep doing it , I said yes . I was 6, and I didn’t know this was wrong, all I know , was that it tickled. To this day, I haven’t told anyone. And I’m not sure how to even feel about it. I cant say that it was a super traumatic experience. I just feel weird about it. Should I talk about it with someone ?

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  • Alexis


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