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My abuse

y name is Norm I am 56 yrs old. From the ages of 8 to 10 I was sexually abused by my church priest. I never told a single soul, I buried it so deep that to me it never happened. I grew up a troubled child and later fell into drugs and alcohol. My home life was also unhappy so naturally everyone thought this was the reason for the way I was. I tried to commit suicide on several occasions, I could not keep a job. At the age of 48 I finally got help for my depression and suicidal behavior, but again it was all attributed to my hard life at home. At the age of 50 I walked by the church where it happened and it all came back to me. for the first time I told someone (my partner Sue.), we spoke about it I cried a little and then put it away again. I just finished watching your documentary on Netflix, and when you started talking about the men the tears just came and I could not stop them. I think it is time to not hide anymore. thank you for your doc. and thank you for being braver than me. I am six foot two inches tall and weigh 250 lbs, I now a Sensei in AiKiDo and I guess I am pretty tough. Well thanks to you I will no longer hide behind that. Keep up the great work I have another hero in my life. Norm (aka Sensei Dratuig)

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