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My baby girl

I am a mother of a beautiful 5 year old baby girl who I got custody taken away from me. For 2 long miserable years I fought for her to get supervised visits with her dad and I lost. My baby girl would come home and tell me horrible stories. She would ask for me to put cream on her “flower” her privates because her dad touched her. In November 2015 she came home and told me he put his finger up her butt. I kept her from him knowing there would be a chance I would go to jail. I was pregnant with a baby girl. In March 2016, I was sentenced to a week in jail for contempt of court. I had a 3 month old daughter and my baby girl got sent with her dad for that week. In our custody hearing I was accused of having Munchaesn because I was molested at 2 years old and that man never went to jail. I never would do anything like this to my daughter without knowing she was telling me the truth. Her pediatrician agreed with me, her therapist agreed with me, she would tell my mom and my grandma stories I didn’t even know. I was told to get a psych evaluation that psych evaluation came out positive. I’m on supervised visits with my baby girl when I went to court because her dad does not allow me to be a part of her life, the judge made me get another psych evaluation. I went to the police and Cps no one believed me or her. They said I was coaching her. Thank you for all you are doing. I watched your Netflix series and felt encouraged to see a woman helping other women. I’m encouraged that one day my daughter will have someone who will listen and believe her.

— Brittany, age 29


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