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My Best Friend

When I was 15 my best friend was kidnapped and rapped by multiple men. I got a phone call from the police at my Moms home and we were asked multiple questions. My best friend had been kidnapped, walking down the street in Palmdale, Cal. She was with a 15 year old friend, a boy. It was at 415 PM. They were both pushed against a wall and blindfolded, with knives to their throats. They told him to walk or they would both die, which he did. She was taken in a car with multiple men and they had her all night. I remember helicopters flying around, police driving around, multiple phone calls to her Mom and the police. Did she have enemies? No. Did she get in a fight at school? No. This was in 1984, before the Amber alerts, before cell phones. I cried all night, praying, thinking I will never see my best friend again. She was dropped off in the desert in the AM. And she went to a strangers home and knocked on the door asking for help. She was gang r aped all night. She was injected with drugs. She was blindfolded. She heard chickens and a train. They raped her with a knife.

Her mother was handicapped with MS and was terrified. We were so thankful they let her go, and at the same time they dramatically changed all of our lives. A year after the rape, she was going to tell her Father in Alaska what happened, but he committed suicide before she was able to tell him. My friend and I are 44 years old know. When I saw your your show I broke down in tears. I am a victim. I was not kidnapped or rapped, but I am a victim as well. I watched a beautiful young woman go from straight A’s in school to living a very depressing life. She goes to counseling, she’s on medication. She has three sons from three fathers. She is morbidly obese and acts like a 14 year old. I do believe this is from her attackers, they did this to her. It’s not her fault. They boy that was walking with her still blames himself. There are times I think I could have been with her, it could have happened to me. They never found her attackers. She is still my sister and always will be.


  • Dar
  • Ashlynn


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