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My Interview

On the way to any job interview, how many of you thought through every Nightmare Scenario you could on the way there, Raise your Hands!
The ones with their hands down are called Liars!

On this day, I went, early of course. Went into the Ladies, to check makeup, use the facilities, blow dry my pits, make sure my 3 copies of my resume were visible on the left of my folder, as the print of their website was on the right.
I planned my answers, I knew where I wanted to be in 5 years, what I liked least in my last job, and was absolutely ready for anything.

While I was in the stall, a man came in and threw the bolt on the door.

The next few minutes are not worth expanding on. He left my locked phone, but took my wallet(cards, cash, keys, IDs, address), so I took a breath, and called the Police.
Then I called my Interviewer, “Hello, I’m sorry, but I’ve just been assaulted in the Lower Level Ladies room, and I’m awaiting the Police, might I be able to Reschedule?”
So much for both preparation, and that not coming out as dumb as it could!
I made a couple more calls to arrange a ride home, and for food delivery, and insurance coverage, etc. Unfortunately, as I waited the Police arrival, I ran out of calls, and my organized fake demeanor crumbled, and they found me sitting on the floor, in a mess, in the fetal position. I lost my practiced tone for the interview, into a stammering stutter, laced with ‘Oh, God D”.

I didn’t even get the job.

You have an excellent contact forum.
I am proud to make your acquaintances, even with such unfortunate circumstances in common.
Victory through Communication and Education.

— Charlotte, age 46

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