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My rape story

When I was 10 years old my father raped me in a bathtub and told me it was my fault. Then the next day he sent my brother to my uncles and I was alone with him and his girl friend next thing I know I tied down while he rapes me his girl friend laughs this continually happened until I was 14 my father and his girl friend kept this up and then my father had my cousin join and I hate myself every day because mom tells me sometimes that it is my fault. , and when I finally told my mom and she didn’t want to look at me but she called the cops and they arrested both my father and his girlfriend. And I had always felt that it was my fault so I tried to kill my self. I have bad dreams to this day and I am about to turn 21. Then I had gotten with a man when I was 17 and I had knew him since I was a little girl and I thought that it was love I was wrong I was with him for 2 years and that whole time he forced drugs in me and raped and beat me, so I had finally gotten away and nobody knows about the rape until now. Now I have a family and my husband only know about what my father did because I am scared to tell him everything else, and I have a 1year old daughter and I am so scared for her to be out of my sight because I don’t want anyone to hurt her like I was hurt.. I finally feel like I not the only one because of this sight. Thank you for helping me tell my story and helping me feel safe.

— Survivor, age 21

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