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My sexual assault

I’m not really that good at explaining or even make sense most of the time but this was around the age of 11 or 12 years old that it happened to me . I was on the bus and this man sitting at the front turned around and looked at me then after he came and sat next to me and asked for directions because he didn’t know which bus to get for his destination. So I told him where to get off and which bus to get and stuff afterwards this is where things just got weird he put his hand on my leg and started touching me then the other I kinda froze I wanted to tell him to stop but I was scared and didn’t want to make a scene on the bus it was pretty packed up and I didn’t know what to do I thought he would of hurt me since he was much bigger compared to my size . But at this point it was just getting to much he was feeling me up despite that I was afraid. I eventually got up but he was still continuing i quickly got off the bus and ran away. he did tried to follow me but lost me in the crowd. I was relieved afterwards that I managed to get away afterwards.

— Nadine, age 17

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