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My story

I was conceived from rape my dad was taught women are property of the husband ,and he was also taught that it’s in the Bible to rape his wife , after I was born I was molested at 6 months by my bro in law who continued to molest me until nine years old , I was also raped and molested by my bro ,and old sis , this continued into my 20’s , I was told men have the right to rape it’s their need , I was also told there nothing I could do about it sense my parents claimed it was their religion , to believe that I was property and that I was subsquented to anything they do to me until I was 18 , I had to teach them that is wrong and it’s abuse ,but sadly they didn’t listen , they pimp me out for food ,drugs ,clothes , housing ,when it was reported , I was told it’s their right to believe what ever they want to , I was kidnapped and raped by my minister grandfather , and my mom said it’s his right to do that to make u christian or Baptist . That just his was of baptizing ,I reported it and his license was revoked , even tho I tell my story over and over again no one cares to believe me they have all kinds of excuses , but there is no excuses for abuse


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