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Hi, my name is Vetty and this is my story. It was hard to share this story but Brave Miss World inspired me a lot. Thank you.

So I’m 16 now and this happen to me when I was 15. So I when to a party and my parent told me to always keep my drink with me but I didn’t listen and this cute guy came up to me and hand me a drink. I told him thank u and the next thing that happen was my head was going dizzy. So I went outside to take a break and the next thing I noticed was I was in a bed. So I got up and realize I was handcuffed to a bed and I started screaming. Somebody opened the door and there was a boy and it was the boy who give me a drink. He said “I think it’s time u lost your virginity.” I said, “how do u know I’m a virgin?” and he said “look down”. I looked down and I was naked. When I lifted my head the boy was naked and I started to cry and the next thing that happened, he entered me and started thrusting in me. This hurt a lot. I started bleeding like really bad and it seemed like hours when he finally stopped. He put my clothes back on and ran away.

I came home bleeding and my mom saw me and she right away she knew what happened. She called the police and I remembered the boy’s face and I give the face to the police. The next day, the police called my mom and said the boy was in jail.

I want to say that those who where raped are a survivor. You are the stronger girl or boy. I’m a survivor!


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Brave Miss World


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