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Hey ! I been rape by my long time friend that I trusted an respected..I never thought he cud of done something like this to me but after time past I realised for him it was a normal thing …well it was day like every other day ..he wanted to come an chill..I was home with my other friend/neighbor…when he come he bring with him a bottle of vodka me an my friend was having drink enjoining ourselves surprisingly he didn’t drink at all but I didnt thought nothing of it at the time …then my neighbor decided to go home an after she went home I don’t remember anything else…he spoil my drink ..can’t remember anything at all .i woke up next day …when I was getting dressed I seen bruises all over my body was trying to remember what happened but I couldn’t…like that wasn’t bad enough I came downstairs an started cleaning ..during that I find open condoms never used …stil couldn’t remember anything….few hours after I meet my friend/neighbor asking if we can talk…she told me that an was sending her my naked pics with h saying I’m ready for her to come an join 😔😞😒while he was literally rapeing me …she wasn’t aware what happen she thought I knew it all. About it …since then I can’t stop thinking about this I feel down sad unworthy and all of the bad thing u can imagine …today I self harm myself for the first time …

— Survivor, age 34

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