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Raped by a so called friend

To this day I’ve never spoke up or spoke about this. I fee the need to do so now to move forward. I was a party with friends mostly males I am more of a guy kind of gal love football love a pint. I’m basically one of the boys. On this night one of my so called friends took away something that wasn’t they’re to take. I was a virgin. And he took it from me. I was sleeping in the spare room I was 16 at the time I had a little bit to drink but I was aware of my surroundings this night I woke up with him in side me (my friend) I froze with fear my legs went numb I felt like I couldn’t even scream. I don’t him to get off my he covered my mouth. After he was finished I stood up with a blank feeling in side me and walked the 5 miles home. I’ve never shared this story as I’ve always thought it was my fault and that I must have done something to deserve it but after reading a very similar story on here it’s shown me what I went through isn’t my fault. I am a victim. I had to live with this for the whole 12 years of my life.

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