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Raped by jail guard

I was arrested for intoxication in public and apparently led to assault on an officer. I think I may have been drugged at the bar. I have fragmented memories of being raped at the jail by a male deputy and and female deputy restraining my hands. I passed out once I realized what was about to happen. I remember her telling me to open my legs and relax that they weren’t going to hurt me. She kept saying just let him do it when he forced my legd open and stuck his finger inside me. I can’t remember anything after that except I couldn’t breathe. I filed a report and an investigation was done by the VSP but because no camera in my cell… basically my word against theirs. I’m so broken and don’t understand why I can’t remember anything after him putting his finger in me. It’s killing me not knowing what happened to me. I’m so ashamed hearing how I acted and blame myself because I shouldn’t of ever been at a bar in the first place. My trust with law enforcement is no longer there..I have panic attacks now just seeing a police officer. I don’t know what to do anymore. Some days I pray for god to take me and all this pain away from here but I have a son that needs me. Thanks for letting me vent my feelings that I can’t share with anyone else!

— Survivor, age 32


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