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Raped Twice and Attempted Rape Once No Charges

At 19, a young innocent, never even had a first date. I naively went to the motel room of a road construction worker I had gotten to know while working in the store in my tiny town. He would NOT take NO for answer – raped and lost my virginity in one fall swoop. Blamed my own stupidity did not even tell anyone for over 20 years.

At 23, suppose to be a happy, fun weekend. Good friend getting married. Stayed at her parents’ house and her brother-in-law (sister’s husband) followed me into the bathroom at 2 AM and anally raped me. Then said “you don’t want to ruin the wedding so keep your mouth shut and no one will believe you anyway” – I kept quiet and didn’t even tell anyone for over 20 years.

At 26, married an abusive man and left his sorry ass, less than 3 years later. My son was only good thing to come out of that relationship.

At 30, I had been going out for a few weeks with a fellow. He came over to my place one evening. He did not want to take NO for answer either. I was a single Mom and another single Mom lived above me. I told him stop and leave or I will scream rape and I knew my upstairs neighbour would call the cops if I did. He reluctantly left he knew I had developed a major back bone. Again never told anyone for about 20 years.

At 50, I finally got counselling.


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