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Sexual Assault

I was 17 years old. I had my very first boyfriend, I was over the moon excited! We had dated for about five months or so. Just after Halloween, I had just realized that it wasn’t working out. So, I had broken up with him. A week maybe two weeks later. He had called me, which I thought that it was weird that he called me. But I answered and he asked me to come over and talked. I was hesitant, but I said why not. I texted my parents and told them that I was going over to his house to walk. I get there and he was getting himself some dinner and brought it to his room. He sat on his bed and I sat on the opposite end of his bed. We just talked, I don’t remember what we talked about. But I do remember that he told me that I looked very nice today. I answered back politely thank you. But his compliment did not mean anything to me. He then said “Ya know, we did not get a chance to say good-bye.” My response was “I guess.” He then pulled me in for a kiss. Which I had no problem with. I had kissed him before, even made out with him. That night I did make out with him willingly. I do not remember that much about that night. After making out with him, the next thing I remember is laying on my stomach with him on top of me. When he got off of me and said “that was great.” Then I remember getting dressed, and just bolting out of his house. As soon as I was out of his house I started bawling. I called my friend explain to her what had happened. She told me get out he is using me for sex. My response was “I am done with him.” I arrived home and went straight to my room. When I finally decided to go downstairs and tell my parents what happened. I was emotional that I do not remember what was said. But I did no press charges due to the fact that I went to his house willing, I made out with him willingly and I was scared of what would happen. It was never talked about with my family after. Which disappointed me. I was in therapy, but one thing my dad did tell me was not to tell my therapist because she is a mandated reporter. Which made since to me. I could have told her right when I turned eighteen. But I was still scared, so I waited about sixth month after my assault to tell her. I do not regret my decision to not press chargers or to wait to tell my therapist. But to this day I am still struggling to deal with it.

— Alyssa, age 18


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