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Sexual Assault at 11

I was sexually assaulted when I was eleven years old. It was the summer and my friend had wanted me to go over to her place. While walking to her house there were three boys from school outside and her. She wanted me to go with her to their place and I followed. Once inside they locked the door and said no one is leaving. They than started taking off their clothes, and I became frozen in fear. I didn’t fight, I was only a kid and there were three of them and one of me. I remember when I got home taking a bath and crying. I eventually told my mom weeks later after having fits of rage and her wanting to know what was wrong with me. I went to the hospital and the police, the police investigated but no charges were ever brought to my attackers, even after being reopened five years later. I went to therapy for 10 years and still have anxiety and claustrophobia over when someone locks doors, I always have to know where exits are. Counseling wa s what got me through, I felt alone and as if I was broken inside. Just going to my therapist and knowing that somebody knew, even if I was not talking about it yet was comforting. I could not talk about it, and I eventually opened up, she never pushed me and I thank her for that. I appreciate Linor for sharing her story, and bringing attention for those who can not speak up. Sexual assault is never talked about and victims are felt to live in silence and shame.


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