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Sexual Assualt Overseas

My boyfriend and I were in the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, traveling around, having the time of our lives. The nature and the ocean were just breathtakingly beautiful and our romance was beyond words. One night, after missing the last train to our next destination, we ended up stranded in some tiny village with no hotels.

At the station, I found this guy who seemed friendly and offered to show me where the supermarket was, (we needed food after a long train trip) whilst my boyfriend minded the luggage at the station. We got to the supermarket, I bought stuff, we chatted a bit and I explain our circumstances saying we don’t know what to do or where to go. He offered for me and my boyfriend to stay at his house the night. I spoke to my boyfriend and we agreed. Little did we know this nice, compassionate-seeming Sicilian had an ulterior motive. He wanted me. He wanted to have sex with me. That became plainly clear while, sleeping in a doubly bed with my boyfriend. I was awoken to some stroking and putting their fingers in my vagina. I was half-asleep and didn’t open my eyes for a while, when I did I saw him standing over me. I was in shock, despair. I jumped to the other side of the bed and snugged into my boyfriends arms, wishing the abuser to go away. And he did. For about 10 minutes.

I was laying with my boyfriends arms around me, sleepy but still away from shock, when I felt a hand trying to pull down my pants and access my private parts. This time I instantly knew it was him and opened my eyes and lunged out to punch him. I may have also screamed, I don’t remember. After this my fiancee awoke because he sensed there was something wrong. I told him what had happened and he was furious. He went and grabbed my abuser by the arm and told him to stay far away from me. Our room didn’t have a door, but my boyfriend found a long piece of wood and put it across the entry. He told me, “go to sleep. I’ll stay awake and make sure the bastard doesn’t hurt you again.”

I feel lucky to have had my boyfriend to protect me, otherwise I most certainly would have been raped. But the scars still cut deep mentally, I still feel disgust and shame thinking about this. And I’m so proud of you for standing up for all of us abused women, you inspire me, Linor.


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