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Sexual Harrassment

This is a recent story. There was a college student in my grade that I only met once a few weeks back. He wanted to come over to my place to hangout after a few weeks went by. Everything seemed normal at first, we studied mostly and then he wanted to watch a movie so we did. 5 hours went by and all was good. Then the movie ended and he suddenly started kissing me. I was taken aback but i let him do it. I was getting very nervous when clothes started coming off but I didn’t say anything. My roommate suddenly entered the room, saw us in the dark and immediately left. Then I told him he needs to leave my room and we both left the room. He grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom. I didn’t want to do anything. I told him I want him to leave and opened the bathroom door partially but he stood in front of me and blocked me. He demanded I give him a blowjob even though I kept telling him to get out. I was scared because I pushed him for a while but he wouldn’t budge. I was able to squish my way out of the bathroom and scraped my heel while trying to escape. For a while I thought it was my fault because I let him start things but that gives him no right to trap me in a bathroom and demand sexual favors when I very clearly said no to him. I am considering reporting him but have not done so yet.

— Rosa, age 19

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