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She sent a Warning, and Paid for it

I came back to the apartment late from work, and my roommate was standing there. She was sweating, and shaking, and looked scary nervous. Visions of my mom telling me I was going to invite an axe murderer in came to mind. Her hands were twitching at her belt(why comes later), and then she gripped her shirt and waved her fist around her throat, claiming she was feeling like she was going to get sick. She flattened her hand like she was angry, and pointed towards me ordering me to just leave her alone. At this point I recognized she was using ASL(American Sign Language) for Danger then Run, and later found she was signing R, U, N at her belt. I turned for the door, and a man in a mask burst out of the closet! I got stuck at the door, because I locked the bolt verses an intruder! He grabbed me, with a gun to my head, and threw me to the floor. He beat my roommate unconscious, and while she bled on the floor, held me at gunpoint and told me to strip. I said I would do anything he wanted. He raped me, and then I watched as he raped my unconscious roommate. He took our purses and some cheap jewelry and small electronics, and warned me not to call the cops. First thing I did as he left was call the cops and an ambulance. We went to the hospital, but it would be over 2 weeks before she could come home, and longer before she could go back to work. She was lucky that she remembered nothing of her assault past his first clubbing, but she had to endure the night terrors I still get today, but less thanks to good therapy! I love her, as a dearest friend, because she tried to take it herself, while sparing me! Please pray that those in power value women’s health over corporate donations, because it might be a woman they love next in line.


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