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Simply My Story

My name is Daire..I am 44 years of age. I am a mother to 3 amazing boys..Many years ago when I was 17. I tried modeling. sSdly my first experience with a photographer left me scarred for life. He repeatedly raped me over and over again, and he is the father of my eldest son. The saddest part for me, for my son is that they have never met. My son is now 25. He not only robbed me of my innocence, but also my son of a father

I went onto entering a very abusive relationship, and this man is the father of my two youngest boys. My model agency dropped me after I refused to go on a photo shoot the following week with this same man. I lost all my confidence, my belief in what was acceptable and what was not.

Present day, I am battling several auto immune illnesses and to this day I truly feel that no one believed me then or now. Linor is an inspiration to all of us rape victims who have lost their voices for one reason or another along our journeys. I simply think your amazing. I wish you peace love and eternal happiness always from my home to yours.

My story is a lot more detailed, but I have no energy to give you the exact details. Not from being lazy, but was told last week that the LUPUS is now in my brain. Please forgive me.


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