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Someone Left To Trust?

I’m just upset! I was just walking to my friends house and then he came by – Connor. He was addicted to me anyway. Before, he used to kiss me intensely and convince me to date him but I said no – all the time. He even got me to come to his house before and tried to strip me, luckily, I was able to escape, but he got me back -_- Connor popped in a message saying he could see me when I was on the way to my friends house and grabbed my arm and dragged me to his house. I was terrified. His house was pretty big and forced me inside. There was no-one home except us two. I felt weird as he pushed me to the sofa and got me to sit down and watch a movie. It was Fifty Shades of Grey! I slept through it but I don’t know what happened or what could have happened. I did wake up and actually woke up when the wrong scene was on so I closed my eyes and slept again Once I woke up, I saw me in his arms and he was taking my upstairs to his bedroom. I didn’t know what he will do and my arms and legs felt really weak. He locked the room when we got in and said he needed to change his clothes and asked me to turn around. I was a fool to believe him and the next thing you know, he pushed me intensely on his bed. He had a rope in his hand and tied my hands above my head and held them down. I was super frightened! I shouted and screamed but no-one was there to hear me. He stripped me and raped me for more than 2 hours. I was in pain, I tired to tell myself to pass out but my head was aching so much that I had to go through it all. I can’t live like this! He slept with me that night and I tried to escape but when I went downstairs and saw most of his friends, about 7 of them and they got me down as well! One of them spent the rest of the night abusing me. Connor knew what they did when he saw me with a guy laying on top of me. The next morning and they grouped together to rape me again. I told my friend, who was the best person ever, and they were caught but somehow they were never put in jail.

After a year, the friend who I told the situation about came to my house and raped me. I told the police and he got caught! I was so happy, but yet so depressed. The thing was, I never got pregnant so that’s a good thing, but the pain was unforgettable.


  • mia
  • Alissa Ackerman


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