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Speaking Up for Women

My own personal experience involves someone I trusted, drugging and attempting to rape me. I used creative writing as a form of healing during this process. I would like to share my short piece of spoken word surrounding the issues that women face on a daily basis all over the world.

the world is equally exceptional yet flawed in so many ways, but the issue I want to talk about is completely overlooked and ignored in so many ways. We are all equal and consist of energy, we all have a heart that’s playing remedies. But the conditioning of society is having a profound effect, and playing a role in this huge mess. People should not be conditioned to believe women are any less. There is a bigger issue than the difference of our biological sex. Gender stereotype’s, conformities and conditioning are playing a masked role within this mess. The whole of society and the media teaches the world that women are sex objects. I am not saying that all men are prone to this desired affect, and that they are not to blame if they do then commit a disgusting act.

Over 85,000 women are raped on average a year. Certainly more but they cant speak frozen by fear. Fear that they wont be believed or how what has happened to them will be perceived. Women SHOULD be able t o wear what they want, short skirts if they wish, without being told by others they were asking for it. And its not just sexual abuse and rape domestic violence is forever taking place. As a women you are most likely to be murdered by a current or ex partner, or raped by someone you know, so how does society just let this go? I am not saying I know the solution but the medias influence is so intrusive. Although that is not the sole reason.

Sociologists and humanity still debate nature vs nurture, but I think its time we all looked a bit further. Because to me that is a riddle that never be solved, because they are both interlinked and completely involved. But its time to stand up to sexual objectification- not just here all over our nation. Women need to know that their purpose is not to be a sex object and we cant sit back and accept. Alone you may blame yourself, reflect self hate into the roots of your health. But together we can stand strong because not one of you did some thing wrong! There are people in lives who are hard to understand and comprehend. Try to find comfort that maybe you and I are just more evolved then them.

Let’s all stand up for ourselves next time we are groped by the invisible masked mans creepy hand. Let’s say something and not let it go. It is NEVER ok and this issue is hard to solve. The roots of abuses is a forever winding road. We can support each over though, find comfort that your not alone. Rise together as one so the next generation know its ok to say NO.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • kea
  • David


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