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My husband is a trucker and spends days to weeks on the road crossing the country. He feels bad about leaving us for so long, but he does it to be an excellent provider.
It was a Sunday night. I had my 2 daughters in bed, and had my visit from the Pastor, who blessed my coming child. Church like most things were far to travel like that. I went to sleep in my pillow fort.
I woke to a knife at my throat, and he ordered me to be quiet. I nodded my acceptance, and he had seen my daughters, and warned me to cooperate. I told him I would, and I asked him what he wanted. He already had my purse, and I pointed to my jewelry.
I won’t quote him, but he explained what he intended to do. I begged him not to, for fear of harming my baby. He warned me that I needed to cooperate, or else.
I let him position me on the edge of the bed, and asked him to close the door, so my daughters wouldn’t enter. I undressed, and told him to be gentle, not to lie on me, and not to finish inside, with the baby on the way.

We each honored our side, and he took what he wanted from me, my purse, my jewelry, and some electronics. He never entered the children’s rooms. I called a friend to sit, while I went next door to call the Police. They took me for examination, and quietly went inside to take sheets. No one wanted to take a full kit, given my condition but arranged for additional doctor visits, and the county offered my rides.

None of the, now 3, girls know what happened. The man was arrested on another break-in, and he was put on trial.
My husband went to the courtroom before everyone to get a good seat. When the assaulter was brought in, He sat right behind him. While motions were being made, he broke the rules, and spoke to him.
My husband just wanted to tell him that he was happy that the man did not threaten the children, so that my husband would only kill him if he found him outside, rather than right here.
I don’t know if it was an influence, but he copped a plea bargain!
KissKiss, Honey!

— Bernadette

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