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The healing process

I dont know how to start.. But.. Here it goes.. This might sound like a book but ill keep it very short to get to the point..i was probably about 8 yrs old when i remember being inappropriately touched by someone who i thought could be continued for a while but i didnt mention it because i just didnt know what the hell was going on and that it was wrong. As i grew older it kept happening.. I told my parents and i got in huge trouble because they said “i lied” i got hit for it.. The older i got it kept happening with others and i just didnt get it..when i turned 14yrs old i met a boy.. Well i thought it was a boy he was actually a grown 25yr old man, Who i fell stupidly in love with ,without even knowing what love is. I really lost myself and got controlled and beaten for a few more yrs.. I kept it a secret. Everyone called me stupid and crazy while i was living under my moms roof.. I cudnt go to school or anything he wanted to keep me with him all the time followed me and everything. A few yrs later after court sessions i got away.. But i havent been the same. I cant trust anyone and im still trying to get over all this and im 30 yrs old now with two beautiful kids telling myself that im ok.


  • Alexis


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