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The Pastor of My Church

I was 16 years old and still a virgin. He did not rape me – but he tried to. He engineered being alone with me by dropping other members of our church group off before me. He knew my father had just died & that mother was now an alcoholic = nobody watching out for me. This was the ugliest man in the world – pock mocked face, balding, & fat! I wrestled my way out of his car (I was scared to death!!) and ran inside to tell my mother what happened. She said “what did YOU DO to entice him? (that was a 2nd type of rape) I turned to my best friend who in turn told her parents who were deacons of this predators church. They said I was crazy, and looking for attention. They apologized years later after another girl complained about him to HER mother who DID believe her story. They went to the police and after the story broke the flood gates opened – he had been doing this all along – hiding behind his priestly collar all those years.

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