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The Wolf and His Rabbit

I recently wrote this story as a means of coping with my assault. So I figured why not share it here.
Two drastically different creatures, the wolf and the rabbit… they vary in size, diet, speed, spot in the food chain, etc. Such a duo could never exist in harmony. But with the deceit of the wolf, and the naiveté of the rabbit, one might begin to believe so. And how sad is that, for a rabbit to believe it is anything more than just a meal, to the Big Bad Wolf.

There was a rabbit with the spirit of a wolf. Bold, curious, strong. She stuck out from the other rabbits. She didn’t fear things like they did. She felt she was powerful and could control anything she needed to. She had seen the ugly side of life already, she was sure she could take on anything. She forgot, she was only a rabbit.

When in sight of a wolf, she did not run immediately. The brave rabbit would test the limits, lock eyes with her predator, do nothing but stare with her dark eyes as he bares his teeth. She doesn’t move as he licks his lips and takes a step closer. This is always the moment the wolf thinks he has her, but she’s gone. She is quick, quicker than the rest, so she played this game quite often.

She caught the attention of one wolf in particular, who began to notice her pattern. The rabbit’s habit could be broken down simply: Don’t flee until absolutely necessary.

He learned her game and he wanted to win. He created a gameplan. He studied the interactions she had with other wolves and noticed what they did wrong. They approach too quickly, too violently, too aggressively. The wolf was determined to beat the rabbit at her own dangerous, thrilling sport.

When the wolf stopped growling at the rabbit whenever they happened upon each other, she wondered why. Instead of snarling at her as he used to, he would lock eyes with her briefly. Longer each time they met, but nothing more. Until the day the wolf dropped to his stomach, nose between his front paws, and stared at the rabbit with soft eyes.

The rabbit was shocked. She had never seen this type of submissive behavior from a predator before. She took a small hop forward and he didn’t move. She was in control. She hopped again. They paused, before the wolf stood up and the rabbit scurried off.

This continued to happen often, getting closer and closer each time until the animals were finally face to face. The rabbit was tense. Sitting nose to nose with a predator that should have already made her his meal, made her head spin with adrenaline. During this bout of vertigo, the wolf did something strange. He ever so gently licked the rabbit’s head. Surprised, the rabbit took off. While she ran home she couldn’t stop wondering why he did that. Eventually, she decided she figured it out. It was a sign of endearment. They were friends. They were that close and he could have eaten her but he didn’t. She started to forget, he is a wolf and she is still a rabbit. Two animals that couldn’t coexist peacefully the way this poor rabbit was dreaming.

So they continued this trend, pushing boundaries each time. It did not take long before they were actually walking side by side through the land. They caught the attention of wolves and rabbits everywhere they went. She felt empowered when she was with him. She felt protected and safe, too. She knew she had control and would be safe from the other dangerous wolves. He knew he was winning the game and no other wolves would get in his way. Two different stories, but the ended is the same.

He had gained her trust. He was so close to beating her in the game she had given up, he could taste it. The poor rabbit had let her guard down completely at this point. Rightfully so, after being reassured many times by the wolf that he would never hurt her. She thought she had no reason to believe he would break that promise. She forgot. He is a wolf and she is still a rabbit.

One night he took her to his home. The wolf introduced the rabbit to his sister and parents. She felt nervous but she was with a wolf so she thought it was okay. After they were alone, he asked her about any past experience with a wolf. She shared the time that a wolf had her disoriented and was dragging her to the bushes. She only escaped due to the distraction from another wolf. The rabbit knew this was different. This wolf was kind and he would never hurt her. He said so. And now he had her in his home. Alone.

It started out nice, they enjoyed each other’s company as usual. The rabbit felt comfortable. She was happy and calm. It was time.

The wolf lifted a heavy paw onto the rabbit’s back and asked her for a taste of her meat. Angry and confused, she refused and said she was not okay with that. The wolf dropped his head and asked again in a gentle, pleading voice. He looked up with his soft eyes, “Just one taste. Nothing else, I won’t hurt you”.

The rabbit was conflicted. There was no way she could do this. She doesn’t want to. But she is in his home. Alone. All he asked for was a taste, right? He’s not going to hurt her. But if she tries to run or says no again, he might. She can’t take that chance. She finally remembered, she is only a rabbit. She submitted to her predator and gave him a taste in an attempt to keep herself safe. But why would the wolf be satisfied after one small taste? He wasn’t. The rabbit knew it was time to flee. Except she couldn’t. She was in his home. Alone. The other wolves were sleeping as she begged to go home. The wolf quickly grabbed the rabbit and swallowed her whole.


  • sharon
  • Alexis


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