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The Woods Don’t Speak

So this happened to me a week ago.This boy I liked seem real nice everything I wanted so my friend got us to gather. I’m 15. He is 16. So he would tell me everyday how pretty I am and how pretty my eyes are and at first I was thought it was sweet. Until he started to get very aggressive and it started to scare me. So I deleted his number and blocked him this all happen in one day. The next day I seen him in school at the end of the day and he pulled me a side and said “bitch you fucked up.” I was so scared but didn’t tell anyone

Every Friday and Saturday I would go on a jog for soccer session. This Saturday, I ran and I stop because I heard this sound it was him he pulled me in to the woods “shhhhhh” he said than he pull tape on my mouth and my arms. I remember it hurting so bad and crying so much. He called me every name in the book. At this point, I was fully naked. It lasted for about 1 hour and some minutes. He didn’t use protection. After he was finished, he got up and said “now slut clean yourself up”. I laid their for about 20 minutes crying. I see him in school he acts like nothing happened.

I really have no idea what to do I’m scared to tell anyone. I don’t think they will believe me and theirs not enough proof. I just need to get it off my chest.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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