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They thought it was fun

I started at 7th grade. I was asked by one of the seniors to meet them by the lockers after school. I was dumb and amateur. When I went there, they locked me in their locker room while filming the whole thing. I was so numb I didn’t know what to do. They started unbuttoning until I was completely naked. I begged them to stop but they threatened they’d upload it if I tell anyone. There were three of them. They raped me brutally. I even bled because I was a virgin. I cried so bad. The next day, one of them slipped a note in my locker that they wanted a second round. The routine went on for a year because I was too scared to tell anyone. But I eventually opened up to my class teacher whom was a huge help. The guys got expelled and some legal actions. But that’s not my point.

My point is that in this world, so many children are not educated enough about sex. Yes, sex isn’t something you should be telling to a little girl but for protection, it’s essential. It was a few years ago. Looking back, I really regret not having any info about such things. I didn’t know I could legally take actions against them.

Help the ones in need. I’ve missed my chance, I won’t watch another girl having to experience what I did.

May the world be in peace.

— Survivor, age 21

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