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This Is My Story

When I was born my mom said when she first held me she didn’t want me that there was something about me she didn’t like. She named me after her and gave me to my dad to do what he wanted with me. I was raped by him from birth to the age of 14 when I was kicked out of the house. I lived in the park and ate out of trash cans.

One night when I was walking through the park to find a place to sleep, a man grabbed me from behind and slammed my head into the cement wall in the bathroom. He then brutally raped me and beat me up real bad. When I came to the next day, a man sAW me walking down the street with blood all over me. He called the police, who then called the ambulance.

I am a survivor of not only raped, but also domestic violence. My ex-husband beat me with a metal pipe full of cement and stabbed me all because I asked him for a divorce. I was tired of him beating me. The swat team found him in the attic with a machete. He said he was waiting for me to come home so he can finish me off. I am now in a wheelchair due to the beating I took.


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  • Alissa Ackerman


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