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To protect and serve

As a police officer he had taken an oath to Honor the uniform and badge worn by many; and, to Protect and Serve the citizens of the metropolitan city with whom he swore this oath to protect and serve.
As a Deacon with a mega-church, also assigned as its’ Inner-city Youth Bus Minister, he collected donations made to the church as offerings; and, he ensured several school buses filled with young children attended the church regularly.

He additionally moonlighted as the Director of Security with an acclaimed international chain of hotels locally; and, he sold homes as a licensed realtor.

Other professional endeavors he was engaged in when living are as a radio personality keeping listeners informed by helicopter of rush hour traffic conditions; and then prior to my knowing him, he was a US Navy Seaman.

At home he was nothing more and nothing less than pure evil.

I was in kindergarten the first time my stepfather exposed himself to me. I distinctly remember how shocked I felt and how horribly gross ‘it’ looked. I also remember him having sex with my mom that evening and leaving the bedroom door open. I remember our apartment, my mom arguing with him earlier about making me help him with the laundry, the dim lighting later, and the music he chose to play on the night of my initiation as a minor victim.

This was the beginning. The end was when finally, after enduring years of rape and sodomy, I left home and went to college.

Suffice it to say statistics strongly suggest that I am not his one and only sole victim.

Worse still is US state statutes of limitations prohibited my filing criminal charges against this Police Officer who at that time received a government pension as a retired Sergeant. Who had also acted in the capacity as a Southern Baptist Youth Minister / Licensed Realtor / International Hotel Security / Hub-city Interstate Traffic Advisor / former Seaman.

According to statute, it took me too long to find the courage and strength to call his police department and report him to them as a criminal who enjoyed having sex with children.

Although it is healing to write and talk about my experience, I only do so publicly because dictating a time frame for disclosure of a sex crime without any consideration if the perpetrator is a leader in the community or and holds a government paid position is ludicrous, barbaric, and ignorant. Change is needed.



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