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To the man who stole my independence

What you stole from me..
T, you are the man who stole my independence, you are the one who stole my innocence, you are the one who stole my sleep at night, you are the one who stole my will to get up some mornings, you stole a lot from that I may never get back.
What I miss…
I miss my independence, I miss being able to walk out to my car by myself without my thoughts consuming me. I want to be able to stay in my room alone when my roommate isn’t here without my body shaking at night. I miss being able to lay down at night without my memory washing over me, without reliving every agonizing second of what you did to me.

What I wish..
I wish you wouldnt have posted a video of you bragging about getting out of jail. I wish you would have stopped after me, and not gone after other girls. I wish you could have learned your lesson. I wish I didn’t watch your video every night.. I wish I could lay in bed with my boyfriend and not wake him up because I’m dreaming of you coming after me. I wish you would rot in hell…

What I want other girls to know.
It’s okay to hurt, it wasn’t your fault, something happened to you that you didn’t have control over. Even if he didn’t hold you down but threatened your life, or your family, you still had no control. Whoever did this to you has issues. I know that it’s easy to blame yourself.. but you don’t have too.

Sincerely, the one who will never be a victim but instead a survivor, but yet the girl you still raped.

— Survivor, age 19

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