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I am torn at 24 years old. I was not raised right. My dad was a sicko. I have not let the world know. As young as I can remember he used to touch me, molest me. In the same bed as my mother would be in while she was asleep and I didn’t tell her. I was scared. I was so young. He told me it was the right thing to do. I didn’t tell anyone. I cried a lot of times asking myself why me why I couldn’t be a regular kid? I was not like the other little kids. I cannot believe he did that. He would also check out other girls outside. Idk why he did that. As a result, I was sexually molested at middle school!! I am scarred. I cannot heal. I haven’t told anyone and I can’t. What will that do if the damage is already done? NOTHING. I have trouble trusting, appreciating, communicating and loving because of my dad. I grew up too fast because of him. I didn’t have to go through that — no one does.


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