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I just saw the documentary and can’t stop crying… I was molested as a child by a driver who worked for my family. He would run errands for my grandmother and I would come along (I was 6 or 7) because I loved the car ride. One night he parked in a deserted area opened his pants and told me to sniff his stomach. I remembered seeing his underwear… him telling me not to say anything… and not much else. I think it happened one more time. I didn’t tell anyone (to this day I only told a couple of people, but no one in my family). This man soon disappeared from our lives. I don’t know why. A few years later I heard he died. He was robbed and killed while working. I remember thinking that justice was done.

I sort of put this event behind me, and believe it didn’t affect me so much… Can this be true????

As I watched the documentary I realized that the shame that I and so many others carry is so damaging. What horrible crime leaves the victim feeling guilty????

I was deeply touched by the Linor’s journey. I am not Jewish, not religious, yet I related. You are brave girl!!! Good for you for having such courage and use this horrific event to help others!


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